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TS with H4 Zero Client

SUNDE Terminal Services with H4 zero client provides a simplified working access device

VDI with Diana Zero Client

VDI solution is intended to deliver the full capabilities


The All-in-One series is a multi user networking access device. A combination of a beautifully

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SUNDE zero client adopts MIPS technology and 32 bits SoC (System on Chip) design. As a result, this device gives more reliable performance, costs lower electricity consumption, while runs faster and has prefect display effect. The device uses optimized embedded Linux kernel which is greatly simplified to enhance the application efficiency. The kernel does not use GUI interface and Linux desktop, eliminating intermediate data and the garbage data during processing and enhancing the system efficiency and reliability. The adoption of the Linux kernel also enables better compatibility with hardware interfaces and eliminates hardware software license costs.

A Zero Client consists of following functional components:
--SUNDE Zero Client SoC (System on Chip)
--Display Subsystem
--USB Subsystem
--Audio Subsystem
--Network Subsystem
--Power, Clocks, and Reset

SUNDE Zero Client SoC
The SUNDE Zero Client SoC is the heart of zero processor, zero client computing, which handles all functions of network connectivity and security for the Zero Client. The SUNDE Zero Client SoC includes separate traffic flows for display, audio, USB, and power control within a single network connection.
--Provides reliable delivery, advanced flow and congestion control, highly secure AES-128 encryption with public/private key exchange, and flow segmentation
--Full ARP and DHCP client support
--High-performance display, USB, and audio codecs
--Power control for user access to connection management and other services

Zero Client Display Subsystem
The Zero Client Display subsystem consists of an external frame buffer, a high-speed video DAC to support a wide variety of resolutions, and a programmable clock synthesizer chip to generate the many clock frequencies required to support all resolutions.
--Support for standard and wide screen resolutions from SVGA (1600x1200) to WUXGA (1920x1200)
--DDC signaling for detection of monitor resolution and timing
--Built-in support for low-power monitor standby mode
--Three 8-bit high-speed DACs for full 24-bit color support
--External frame buffer holds onscreen image and off-screen cached pixel data

Zero Client USB Subsystem
The Zero Client USB subsystem incorporates a full USB 2.0 high-speed host controller and hub enabling broad-high-performance USB peripheral support. The USB subsystem further provides unique hardware acceleration mechanisms to provide higher USB performance and interactivity than would be possible with a processor-based client. All USB drivers, even the host controller driver, run on the server at the other end of the network, enabling unmodified 3rd party and Windows-provided peripheral drivers to work with peripherals.
--Broad support of USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 peripherals at 480Mbps, 12Mbps, and 1.5Mbps signaling rates
--Unique server-side driver model for broadest peripheral support with existing 3rd party drivers, and elimination of all client-side software drivers
--Unique hardware acceleration mechanisms for unprecedented mouse interactivity and USB performance
--Out-of-the-box support for 1-4 external USB ports supporting high-power (500mA) devices; extensible to even more ports
--Full per-port over current and power control mechanisms

Zero Client Audio Subsystem
The Zero Client audio subsystem provides audio output to an internal speaker and an external headphone jack.
--Audio synchronization with video on the display
--3.5mm 2-channel headphone jack driving 40mW power to 16 Ohm headphone load
--16 bits per sample audio output

Zero Client Network Subsystem
The Zero Client Network subsystem provides a Zero Client with IP-based network connectivity. The network subsystem provides connectivity between the SUNDE Zero Client SoC and a standard external Ethernet subsystem for L3 and higher network protocol handling.
--IEEE802.3 100BaseTX full-duplex/half-duplex and 10BaseT operation
--Link rate and duplex auto-negotiation and auto-crossover detection

Power/Clock/Reset Subsystem
The Zero Client Reference Architecture includes full specification of supporting functionality including power, clocking, and reset subsystems.
--Ultra low-power 5 Watt dissipation including entire SUNDE device and external keyboard and mouse
--Single low-cost 5V DC input supply switching regulators from 5V to lower voltages for maximum power efficiency
--Reset handling and power-fault detection circuit with red LED fault signaling
--Clock circuitry all driven from a single root 100MHz oscillator

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