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vPoint Center is the central component and the heart of SUNDE’s VDI architecture the SUNDE VDI system. It serves as the Desktop Agent (connection broker) and Management Console, which is responsible for all management and connection related activities. It is basically a web-based simplified management console that is utilized for quick client set-up and user management thereafter. It provides connection and management of Diana zero clients, user accounts and virtual machines, including discovery, login and user authentication of Diana zero clients, user account creation and virtual machine assignment, connection brokering between users and their assigned VMs, monitoring and control over virtual machines, etc.


  • Includes both the connection broker and the management tool.
  • Provides a comprehensive management front-end for your entire vPoint environment.
  • Allows you to access the web-based console from anywhere through a web browser.
  • Allows you to manage tens of thousands of users and devices across servers and sites.
  • Supports several device based and virtualization platform based deployment models .
  • Can work with Active Directory for secure user authentication.
  • Easy to install and use with a flexible web-based user interface.


Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Client/ Server Windows 32/64 bits
– Supported Client OS variants include Professional, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate.
– Supported Server OS variants include Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter.

Supported Virtualization Platforms
Virtual Box 4.2.8 or pervious, any version of other virtualization platforms including vSphere/XenServer/Hyper-V/KVM etc
– When using Virtual Box virtualization, Diana and vPoint Clients access virtual machines directly and at the full instance level that authorized users can power on/off their virtual machines at the endpoint.
– When using other virtualization platforms, Diana and vPoint Clients access virtual machines through the iTeam service running within virtual machines and at the session-based level that the virtual machines has to stay active for endpoint connection.

Supported SUNDE access clients
Diana zero clients with firmware version 1.0 and 2.0, and vPoint Clients
– Full management capacity can be achieved for Diana zero clients with firmware version 2.0 and vPoint clients
– User management and connection brokering only for Diana zero clients with firmware version 1.0

vPoint Server software consists of 3 components:

vPoint Server Software

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