A Close Look at SUNDE’s VDI

 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop virtualization technique that helps users to run desktop operating systems and applications inside virtual machines that resides on a server in the data center. Desktop operating systems inside virtual machines are referred to as virtual desktops. VDI offers many benefits. Specifically, desktop administrative and management tasks are significantly reduced; applica­tions can quickly be added, deleted, upgraded, and patched; security is centralized; and data is easier to safeguard and back up.

VDI has four key components, they are

●  Physical PCs/ Servers: The physical environment where all the data are stored and executed.

●  Hypervisor: It is the virtualization software which creates and hosts multiple virtual machines. Some of the hypervisors available in the market are VMware’s vSphere ESXI and workstation, Citrix’s XenDesktop, Oracle’s Virtual box, KVM’s KVM, Microsoft’s Hyper-V SUNDE uses the Oracle’s Virtual box 4.0 for creating virtual machines.

●  Virtual Desktop Agent: Used to manage the desktop and for the connection to the user’s client machine via a remote session protocol. The protocol is the communication tool and key to the performance of virtual machines. SUNDE is the proud owner of their proprietary protocol SUNDE-VDI. Some of the other protocols are Microsoft’s RDP and RemoteFX, VMware and Teradici’s PCoIP and Citix’s ICA, optimized by HDX technology.

●  Client machines/end point devices: A physical device used to see and control the user’s virtual desktop. For example PCs, thin clients, zero clients or ultra thin clients.

 SUNDE is the only company to provide complete solution for VDI with both hardware and software. SUNDE offers a complete, purpose built solution for virtual desktops by combining a zero client end point with tools specifically designed for deployment and management of virtual desktops.

SUNDE zero client named Diana-- a compact, purpose-built desktop virtualization hardware endpoint that contains no CPU, no local storage, and no operating system but connects the end user’s display, input devices and other USB peripherals to the system running on the server in the data center.

SUNDE-VDI server software consists of Oracle VM virtual box 4.0 for creating virtual machines and SUNDE’s included vPointServer software as connection broker and for managing virtual machines. SUNDE’s vPointServer software consists of three main components.

●  vPoint Management Console: Provides connection and management of Diana zero client, user’s account and virtual desktops.

●  vPointGuest: Includes USB and Audio application to run in the VM enabling the VM to support a variety of USB desktop peripherals and 12 bit stereo audio input and output at the terminal.

●  SUNDE-VDI protocol: Provides the communication link between vPointServer and Diana client devices.

 There are many advantages of SUNDE-VDI over other implementations.

●  SUNDE-VDI protocol delivers seamless desktop performance that matches the quality of VMware’s PCoIP or Citrix’s ICA and HDX technology or even better in LAN environment.

●  The SUNDE-VDI protocol is free for SUNDE zero client users whereas VMware, Citrix and other big companies charge huge dollars for their protocols.

●  Many thin client or zero client vendors have their devices supporting VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V platform as they have very powerful management functionality over virtual machines and end point devices. They charge huge amount on the management software, also they charge separately for the remote desktop display protocol for delivering smooth performance at the end points. It can be afforded by enterprise customers, but cost-sensitive users like SMBs or schools it will be a burden to bear the heavy back-end software costs. However, SUNDE users pay only for the endpoint devices whereas the backend software is provided total free of charge.

●  SUNDE offers great simplicity in its VDI while the other VDI implementations are complicated and even an expert IT person needs a step by step guide for setting up the VDI.

Let’s put it all together:

●  Non-Enterprise users are more concerned about cost reduction, performance, benefits from consolidating and virtualizing desktops and simplicity. SUNDE-VDI will be the best choice if you’re looking for the above features as SUNDE is new in the market with innovation technology on VDI solutions with complete end-to-end VDI solution for both software and the device.

●  SUNDE’s products are most affordable and are perfectly suitable for schools and SMEs, you have to just buy the device and back-end software will be free. If onetime payment for SUNDE-VDI is done then all future software updates and device firmware are free. Even the cost of the zero client is cheaper when compared to other devices available in the market.

●  SUNDE-VDI provides great simplicity; even an untrained user or non IT person can deploy and manage.

 Simple reliable and affordable, this is where SUNDE stands for. Send an inquiry and remove your computing pains, try SUNDE now!

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