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21 SUNDE Released New Firmware (13V022.enc,13V004.bin) For H4 Zero Clients

This is a comprehensive video guide to help SUNDE customers to install and setup the SUNDE VDI system with Diana zero client. The SUNDE vPoint software used is vPoint Server Only the basic and necessary installations and setups are demonstrated in the video.

SUNDE VDI Installation Guide

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Diana Zero Client Connection & Performance Overview

This video is a live interview on Mr Chen, the network administrator of a primary school in Shenzhen China. Mr. Chen shared his personal experience on sourcing a reliable computing solution and explained why he chose SUNDE finally.

Why choose SUNDE zero client– by a school network administrator’s words

This video is from Pano logic, the start-up of  zero client computing for desktop virtualization.

Pano logic closed business in 2012.

SUNDE provides similar but improved technology which delivers better performance.

Detained Explanation on What is Desktop Virtualization

This Video show USB printer working on H4 zero client.

Other supported USB devices are also workable on H4 and other SUNDE terminal models.

Supported local devices include: wired or wireless keyboards, mice, various printers & scanners, memory mass storage, webcams, U keys and USB to parallel/ serial converters, etc.

USB printers working with SUNDE Zero client

Other Helpful Videos

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