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TS with H4 Zero Client

SUNDE Terminal Services with H4 zero client provides a simplified working access device

VDI with Diana Zero Client

VDI solution is intended to deliver the full capabilities


The All-in-One series is a multi user networking access device. A combination of a beautifully

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SUNDE VDI Solution delivers highest simplicity, cost-effective and user experience for VDI deployments with its purpose-built zero clients supported by the vPoint software and SUNDE's innovative VDI protocol.

The innovative SUNDE-VDI protocol leverages the host's processing capabilities and essentially turning the entire remote desktop into a streamed video, and handles remote video, audio and USB connectivity with ease.

To know more

View recommended hardware configuration guide at za/sunde diana or SUNDE VDI Server-based Infrastructure Sizing.pdf
SUNDE Diana zero client Data Sheet PDF.

View SUNDE Diana VDI Architecture Whitepaper PDF.

Diana zero client for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Provided software: SUNDE Vpoint Server


SUNDE Diana zero client is a purpose-built VDI device which enables users to run desktop operating systems inside virtual machines that resides on a server in the data center. It is intended to deliver the full capabilities of a native Windows desktop to terminal users with extremely high performance while processing, storage and management are all centralized in the server.

Power Consumption:               0.2-5 W

Supported Guest OS: Windows, Pardus &


Max. Users per host:            unlimited

Connection:                       Ethernet

Full Screen Video:               1080P

Communication Protocol:       SUNDE-VDI

USB Peripheral support:          Yes

Wifi:                                Optional

Key Features & Benefits

Higher Performance

Users will experience PC-class high performance with better support for rich multimedia, highly interactive applications and full screen video play.

Independent Virtual Machines

Each user gets their own virtual workspace which can not be accessed by other users whilst a common shared space can be created for all users.

Desktop Personalization

Allow each user to access virtual desktop tailored to be needs of specific engagements and customize with specific settings and applications as he actually needs.

No Compatibility Issues

Multiple OS environments can co-exist on the same physical server. VDI eliminates most application-compatibility issues

Enhanced Flexibility

Administrator can use virtual desktop templates to speed the deployment and enforcement of standard desktop configurations and policies and periodically create snapshots for virtual machines and refresh a virtual machine to a favorable state of an early date.

SUNDE’s VDI Innovation & Benefits

PC-class Quality Video Play

Up to 1080P quality video content played through standalone media players or embedded into web pages may be trans-coded, streamed and decoded at full frame rates.

Multiple Video Play

Unlimited videos may be played simultaneously on Diana zero clients with the help of SUNDE’s innovative VDI protocol, without requiring any 3rd party protocol extension or high end GPU configuration.

No Support Software Cost

Unlike other VDI solutions that users need to pay multiply vendors for client devices and backed end software or other VDI components, which may add up the complexity and costs of deployment and maintenance. SUNDE offers a complete VDI system with both hardware & software, while software is provided for free..

Simple to Deploy

Only vPoint Server software to install on the host and zero clients are simple plug-and-play type. Even an untrained user can deploy and manage the SUNDE VDI system.

To Know More

View  SUNDE Diana zero client Data Sheet PDF.

View Diana Zero Client Deployment Guide

View vPoint Server Software

View SUNDE Diana VDI Architecture Whitepaper PDF.

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