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VDI Solution Does Not Always Mean Complex

May 15, 2014 / How SUNDE helps

There is a general conception about VDI that it offers flexibility but brings in complexity and high costs. Is this true? The answer is Yes and No. To understand this better, let us compare the advent of VDI solution with the Terminal Services, which served the technology ...

Is Your Virtualization Solution Purpose Built To Your Needs

April 25, 2014 / How SUNDE helps

The Desktop Virtualization has two immensely dominant characteristics that make it the unarguable choice for any modern business: Virtualization applies to all sized modern businesses today- the large enterprises, medium scale industries and the small businesses. With the advancement in virtualization technology, the costs are falling down and ...

What Most of Us Do Not Know About VDI Solution

July 1, 2014 / How SUNDE helps, Knowledge Base

To resolve the problem of application incompatibility is the one of the key reasons that drives RDS (formerly known as Terminal Services –TS) users to move to VDI. Also, when software vendors realized the great damage to their benefits, they have taken or are taking actions to protect their single ...

VDI Solution Does Not Always Mean Complex Is Your Virtualization Solution Purpose Built To Your Needs What Most of Us Do Not Know About VDI Solution

The Right Display Protocol For The VDI Solution

March 1, 2014 / How SUNDE helps

This write-up assumes that the reader is aware of the VDI architectural basics. It further delves into providing an insight to the further questions: Why is a good Remote Display Protocol needed? What should be expected out of an efficient display protocol? Who are the popular manufacturers in Remote Display Protocol currently? What makes ...

The Right Display Protocol For The VDI Solution

Category: How Can Sunde Help?


The Myths Around Virtual Environments

December 13, 2013 / How SUNDE helps

The pace, at which the SMBs all over the world are virtualizing, is encouraging. This indicates that the Small and Medium Businesses have started understanding the potential which the virtual environment can bring with itself. However, this mark of switching to virtual system environment for SMBs is still way below ...

The Myths Around Virtual Environments

Desktop Virtualization for Education

October 30, 2013 / How SUNDE helps

Virtualization combined with education proves more promising and potent. This excellent strategy helps students and teachers to interact and learn at low cost and high performance. SUNDE desktop virtualization offers this cutting edge technology to students and teachers with many key benefits that inculcate the computing knowledge of ...

Desktop Virtualization for Education
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