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Educational and academic institutions are under constant pressure to provide efficient desktop computing for faculty and students with tightly-constrained budgets. Power consumption by desktop computers with the need for space and IT staff involved in every task of administration and maintenance are also large challenges faced by them.

SUNDE VDI with zero client provides a simple, cost-saving and still high performance computing solution to meet those challenges in settings ranging from K-12 to colleges, universities, and technical schools.

Key features of SUNDE solutions for education and academic organizations include:

-- Uses only 5 watts when active and 0.2 watts in sleep mode thus saving more than 97% of energy that takes for PCs.

-- Longer desktop refresh cycles from obsolescence-free SUNDE zero clients.

-- Produces less e-waste & noise and saves space in classrooms and labs.

-- Complete lack of hardware eliminates endpoint data loss and maintenance.

-- Centralized management reduces support overhead; desktop-related issues can be fixed in minutes from data center without going to the machines.

-- Rapid refresh of computer labs, allowing an entire lab to be reset to a standard configuration in just minutes.

-- Provides seamless high end performance including smooth multiple and simultaneous high quality video play.

-- Most cost-effective when compared to other vendors as purchase of SUNDE zero clients is cost-effective and software is provided free of cost.

 Ckassroom Deployment

Recommended Accessional Applications

 1) NetSupportSchool: Classroom Management

NetSupport School is the class-leading training software solution, providing teachers with the ability to instruct and visually/audibly monitor, as well as interact with their students, individually, as a pre-defined group or to the whole class.

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2) DeepFreeze: Automatic Data Recovery

(SUNDE VDI users can take Snapshots of a virtual machine's state at any point in time. School teachers or IT administrators can manually fresh virtual desktops to a favorable state of an early date. But in case of an automatic recovery needed, schools can install Faronics DeepFreeze to  enable automatic recovery across reboots. )

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See recommended specifications for the host and example guidelines for determining the system requirements for 5-40 Diana VDI users at SUNDE VDI Server-based Infrastructure Sizing.

Remark: Besides VDI solution, SUNDE also provides schools with Terminal Services solution, which enables up to 40 students to share the resources of a physical PC or server at lower costs and higher utility rates. But under this PC sharing mode, video play is not supported (other capabilities of a native desktop are fully provided). Schools or training centers where video play is not neccessarily required and are interested in this solution can refer to H4-zero-client-for-Terminal-Services or contact us for more information.

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