Can SUNDE Co-work with other Platforms?

Virtualization offers quality solutions to business through easy management and administration of IT chores; minimizing hardware costs and secured network. SUNDE provides such quality based desktop virtualization results by creating virtual machines in a firm thereby promoting their fruitful growth. SUNDE technology renders true zero clients for desktop computing which includes H4 zero clients for terminal services and Diana zero clients for VDI.

While SUNDE offers significant benefits of desktop computing to customers, many consumers often raise queries on SUNDE zero clients’ support over Citrix, VMware or Microsoft Hyper V? Some may had been their customers but when they want to switch over, compatibility issues arise.

While considering H4 zero clients, they enable multi-users to share untapped resources from and within the single PC/server and doesn’t virtualizes. They use Microsoft’s standard RDP for communication and NetPoint software to achieve cost-effective access to applications. This RDP can access any number of desktops supporting RDP, including the virtual machines created by the hypervisors of VMware, Citrix or Microsoft Hyper-V.

In the case of Diana zero clients, they’re more advanced creating virtual desktops managed by VM hypervisors supporting HD video play and delivering the full ability of a native Windows desktop. There are two considerations available when questioning the co-working option of SUNDE Diana for VDI.

Citrix users will be provided with Citrix XenServer which is a server virtualization feature that helps to manage and consolidate data centers into dynamic state. First consideration is that when the customers use platforms that virtualize physical servers transforming them to run multiple application servers and enhancing server utilization, then SUNDE zero clients can be used for building the desktop environment with virtual desktops to access the application servers. This boosts up the functionality and efficacy of the system.

The second consideration is that when the customer uses the products of Citrix – XenDesktop which is a desktop virtualization feature that delivers a complete Windows desktop experience allowing remote access and integrated security, then SUNDE zero clients cannot be adopted since the user had already moved onto desktop virtualization and SUNDE will not be compatible. Similar to Citrix, the same considerations apply for VMware and Hyper V offerings.

Be it H4 for terminal servers or Diana for VDI, SUNDE technology can co-exist and work with other platforms thus enabling users to attain stream-lined data integrity and high productivity in the IT market.

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