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SUNDE Released New Version of NetPoint 72 for the Multi-user Zero Clients

NetPoint Server 72 OS support: Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64bit, Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008.

This released version fixed the multiple printer copy issue that was commonly seen in remote desktop technology. The issue is that every time a printer, even the same one, is plugged into the system, a printer copy is generated. This release of NetPoint 72 helped fix the printer copy issue on H4, ensuring that only one printer copy for a printer model is generated on the host computer system.

For the correct working normally multi-user projects, you don’t need to upgrade to NetPoint1.0.0.72, you can continue to use the previous version.

If you want to upgrade to NetPoint1.0.0.72, please follow the steps below:
1. Uninstall the previous version.
2. Install NetPoint1.0.0.72.
3. if you are using
H4 zero clients, upgrade the device firmware to H4hyFS2012VX17.enc, H4hyKN2012V003.bin.

SUNDE Released New Version of NetPoint 72 for the Multi-user Zero Clients

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