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Understand server based computing in simple words

March 1, 2013 / Knowledge Base

Whenever a change happens and everyone rushes to incorporate that, it is meant to do some good. When this change is related to the technology and everyone adopts it, it is meant to make our life easier. The one such recent change in the computer systems is called server based computing. ...

SUNDE-VDI Protocol

July 3, 2012 / Knowledge Base

What is SUNDE-VDI Protocol? SUNDE-VDI Protocol is an independent protocol purpose-built for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to deliver fast and seamless virtual desktop performance across standard Ethernet Network. SUNDE-VDI Protocol is available as a central component of vPoint software. It provides the communication link ...

Understanding The VDI Endpoint Devices

April 1, 2013  / Knowledge Base

This article looks into VDI endpoints, compares the dominant VDI endpoints of zero client and thin client, and simply answers the questions of What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? What is a thin client? What is a zero client? What are the differences between thin clients and zero clients? What are the thin client ...

Understand server based computing in simple words What is SUNDE-VDI Protocol? Understanding The VDI Endpoint Devices

What Is A Zero Client?

February 3, 2012 / Knowledge Base

Zero client, also known as ultra thin client, is a server-based computing model in which the end user's computing device has no local storage. A zero client can be contrasted with a thin client, which retains the operating system and each device's specific configuration settings in flash memory. ...

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