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Know The Virtualization Of Desktop – TS And VDI

My query is simple: I want to use the data and applications on a different computer using the network connection. How do I do this??

On a high level, the experts will suggest two various ways to achieve this:

Terminal Services(TS) or Remote Desktop Services(RDS)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Both of these technologically different solutions help to perform the same operation, but vary heavily on the way these are implemented. Let us understand both of these a little, to understand which one suits the best under what circumstances.

Terminal Services(TS) or Remote Desktop Services(RDS):

This service was first launched by Microsoft, and utilized a very simple architecture with the following parts:

In case of TS/ RDS, the protocol used was Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

This system had some great advantages:

But, along with these advantages, there were some setbacks too to this system:

The experts tried to find the solution to these problems, and the TS/ RDS system underwent many transformations. An extension to this system which is widely being used today is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Virtual Desktop Integration(VDI):

Again, the complete system of client and server was divided into 3 parts, but each part had sub-divisions, which made the complete architecture complex for deploying VDI solutions:

o Thin clients- They do major processing on remote server OS, and a minor on client OS.

o Zero clients- The complete processing is done on the remote sever OS.

o Each virtual OS has its own desktop, and is called a virtual machine (VM).

o Hypervisor, a software application that creates the VMs and maintains them.

This architecture is difficult to deploy. But it has some significant advantages over the TS/ RDS environment:

These benefits clearly make the VDI integration outstanding and an obvious choice, except for the following setbacks:

However, the incompatibility may be well avoided with SUNDE’s VDI solution as a single package that includes:

This completely eliminates the risk of incompatibility between the components, and provides a seamless and easy solution for the VDI implementation.

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