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SUNDE in Hospitality

The hospitality, gaming and tourism industries face unique challenges in providing desktop computing resources to both staff and guests, often in difficult environmental and regulatory settings. Information systems are the lifeblood of guest services, and unreliable or unsecured PC desktops risk both the satisfaction of guests and the security of their billing and payment records.
SUNDE’s radically centralized virtual desktops and zero clients provide the reliability, data security, and remote support needed to keep administrative and guest services up and running around the clock.

Key features of SUNDE virtual desktops for hospitality, gaming and tourism companies:

--Highly durable SUNDE zero clients don't require moving parts or air circulation for cooling providing longer lifespan, low risk of equipment theft, and greater reliability in difficult environments like casinos, kitchens, and services areas.

--Remote trouble-shooting and problem resolution eliminate need to travel to remote facilities or into guest rooms for on-site support calls, improving both help desk productivity and reducing service downtime.

--Native Windows desktop support helps new workers quickly become productive compared to complex thin client systems, reducing the impact of staff turnover.

--Peripheral lock-down allows locally connected USB peripherals to be disabled, preventing users from copying confidential financial records to removable storage and aiding in compliance with payment card regulations.

Key Benefits:
Benefits from SUNDE virtual desktops for services organizations include:

--Highly reliable – configuration-free SUNDE Zero Clients keep working in environments that cause PCs to fail, lowering costs, reducing downtime and safe-guarding guest satisfaction. And compact zero client hardware doesn't provide any opportunity for hardware or component theft.

--Data secure in central services – storage- and CPU-free SUNDE Zero Clients keep all processing and data in data center servers, preventing data leakage and privacy breaches from malware, cyber-crime and equipment theft.

--Productivity-enhancing – freedom from productivity-sapping on-site visits for every break-fix cycle let you keep administrative and guest services workstations up and running around the clock.

--Reduced unplanned downtime – for staff and clients with centralized control over desktop recovery, patching and updates.

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