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As a stepping stone to the RDS/ TS remote access, SUNDE H4 zero client is a session client device which allows the users to access a session of an Operating System remotely. Combined with the powerful NetPoint Server software, up to 40 H4 users can effectively share the resources of a single operating system independently and parallel.

H4 zero client has no extra software, drivers, operating systems, CPU, power supply or memory but only contains the necessary hardware to initialize a conversation with the network, begin network protocol processes, and display server output. It centralizes all software, processing and management to just what is running on the server, leaving little more than a keyboard and monitor at the user’s desk. It is a highly impacted, small and green devices that consumes less than 5 watts energy, generates the lowest heat & carbon footprint, and lasts as long as 7-10 years.

H4 Sharing Zero Client


Key benefits:

  • Real PC display quality; loss less compress on desktop transmission.
  • Stateless device which is secured and maintenance free.
  • The complete solution deployment cost is half compared to that of a normal PC. Ongoing management expenses are reduced by over 75% and the power savings dramatically get reduced by 90% within 5 years of deployment.
  • Transparent USB redirection; and unparalleled peripheral support uses only Windows native driver for operation
  • Options for wireless connectivity are offered for H4 Wi-Fi models.
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