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SUNDE Released New Firmware (13V022.enc,13V004.bin) For H4 Zero Clients

This release replaces the previous version of 12VX17.enc, 12V003.bin and fixes the issue of some USB printers not working on H4 zero clients.

In scenarios where USB printers are not necessary at the terminal, customers don’t need to update, you can continue to use the previous version.

If you want to upgrade to this version, please download the update package at the website download center, and then follow these steps below:

1. Create a folder named “netpointupdate” in your USB disk, under the root directory.

2. Copy the firmware and kernel into the folder. (the firmware format should be .enc please check if the file is damaged or not.)(In the folder, you must have only one version ( firmware, kernel ) . ” only one version ” is allowed. no more … Otherwise, there is conflict )

3. Plug the disk to the SUNDE terminal and come to the SUNDE’s set up page to click “update firmware”.

4. When the update process reaches 100%, turn off the device and then re-turn it on.

During the updating process, you may encounter some failures, then you have to following steps to reset and then try again updating:

1. Turn off SUNDE device first.

2. Keep poking the reset key with a piece of pin or toothpick, and then power on the device, stop poking when the small updating window comes out.

3. When the update completes (100% completed), re-turn on the device.

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SUNDE Released New Firmware (13V022.enc,13V004.bin) For H4 Zero Clients

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