Difference Between Go Green Computing with SUNDE

Computing has been revolutionized at every place of the world during the past decades. As more computers popularized, power consumption has dramatically increased which also elevates the e-wastage. Experts have revealed that more than $250 billion worth of energy per year is spent on providing electricity to computers around the world. Companies and organizations have moved forward to decrease the energy consumption by evolving a concept namely green computing.

Green computing generally denotes the use of computers and their accessories in an environmentally responsible manner. This green computing concept can be put in action by reducing the power consumption and manufacturing energy efficient physical systems and accessories. It is significant to follow means to provide greener and healthy environment, preventing global warming and damage to global climate. Green computing can be practiced with the help of SUNDE, a global provider of virtual desktop computing. SUNDE offers green solutions to schools and business enterprises. Their services dramatically help to lower down the energy consumption and carbon emissions upto 95%.

SUNDE’s hardware is called as zero clients. These are proven to be true and simple, small (weigh less than 300g) and efficient. They do not include CPU, OS, monitor, software, drivers, power supply or memory but contains the essential hardware to start a communication with the network, start network protocol processes and display server output. They centralize all software, processing and management to just what is running on the server, leaving behind little more than a keyboard and monitor at the user’s desk. These zero clients are proclaimed to provide green solutions because they consume only 5 watts when active and less than 0.2 watts when fully active in sleep mode.

It is said that traditional PCs are known for increased amount of energy usage. Since SUNDE zero clients are small, they are shown to be energy effective. They work in a mechanism that the unused amount of a PCs capacity (many applications run by using small amount of PC’s capacity) can be tapped and shared by multiple users. This minimizes more amount of money spent on electricity bills. With SUNDE zero clients connected to a user’s monitor, keyboard and mouse, one can share as many as 40 systems reducing more than 90% of energy usage. Virtual desktops replacing numerous PCs in an enterprise can minimize the emission of carbon dioxide and carbon mono-oxide which ultimately affects and pollutes our environment. SUNDE products produce less than 95% of e-waste when compared to standard PCs thus appearing to be eco-friendly.

SUNDE products are user-friendly and also render green solutions by consuming less electricity. This would save huge expenses spent on electricity bills which can be used to create new innovations in the businesses. SUNDE provide H4 zero clients for terminal services and Diana zero clients for SUNDE – VDI. H4 zero clients are simple to deploy and affordable at low cost. It extends the Windows or Linux system of a physical host into multiple virtual desktops by virtualizing multiple independent user accounts and enables up to 40 users to share resources of a single host PC/server, providing a full PC experience. SUNDE VDI solution delivers the full ability of a native Windows desktop to users with their own copy of OS for personalization. They deliver high performing virtual desktops to users including rich multimedia, full screen 1080P streaming video and Flash, dynamic graphics and continued response.

SUNDE desktop computing solutions are very much cost effective with environmental concern. With SUNDE, your work place can turn out to be green and healthy which would eventually bring out elevating growth and fame in the global market. SUNDE’s green computing technologies not only sustains the business but also the surroundings and mankind.

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