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SUNDE in Finance

Faced with a growing body of regulations and pressure to enhance customer service, the security and flexibility of their desktop computing infrastructure are critical challenges for banking and financial services companies. SUNDE Zero Clients help ensure that financial records are secure and private, and that employees have reliable, cost-effective access to their virtual desktops.

SUNDE virtual desktops and zero clients help meet these challenges with these key features:
--Centralized management and security control supports security policy enforcement and monitoring, including restrictions on end-user capabilities to lock-down standard desktop configurations and settings.
--True Zero Client endpoint with no OS or even a processor capable of running software, the SUNDE Zero Client provides a completely secure endpoint that is immune to viruses and other malware.
--Remote trouble-shooting and problem resolution eliminate need to travel to remote or branch offices for on-site support calls, improving both help desk productivity and reducing employee downtime.
--Peripheral Lock-down allows locally connected USB peripherals to be disabled, preventing users from copying confidential financial or client records to removable storage.
--Storage-free zero client architecture eliminates data leakage and equipment theft, allowing secure kiosks to be placed in public areas of banks.

The SUNDE solution is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to install, provision, secure and manage virtual desktops – whether you're deploying 10 or 1000 seats.

Key Benefits:
Benefits from SUNDE virtual desktops and SUNDE Zero Clients for the financial and banking services industries include:
--Robust business recovery and disaster recovery capabilities via portable accessible virtual desktops.
--Data loss/theft prevention across the entire desktop chain, ensuring that sensitive financial records never leave the data center.
--Remote support with remote management and on-premises configuration support boosts IT productivity and reduces downtime.
--Strong security management, monitoring, and control over clients and network transmissions ensures compliance with data security and records retention policies.

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