TS with H4 Zero Client

SUNDE Terminal Services with H4 zero client provides a simplified working access device

VDI with Diana Zero Client

VDI solution is intended to deliver the full capabilities


The All-in-One series is a multi user networking access device. A combination of a beautifully

why Sunde



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Huiyuan Co., Ltd (The brand owner of SUNDE)

Huiyuan Co., Ltd (SUNDE) is global leader of Virtual Desktop solutions.

The company has been dedicated to the R&D and design of innovative desktop computing products since 2008. By 2012, Huiyuan has successfully launched a series of environmental-friendly zero clients combined with its proprietary software, and obtained a number of copyrights for software and patents of utility model and invention. The company introduced its unique value of simplicity and affordability to desktop virtualization, helping over 1,000,000 customers all over the world dramatically reduce cost and complexity of desktop computing.

Today, Huiyuan, by the brand name of SUNDE, has been recognized as a professional provider of zero clients for desktop computing. To realize the goal of green computing for everyone, Huiyuan aims to be innovative and creative in delivering world-class technology of desktop virtualization.

Curriculum Vitae of Huiyuan

2004 Huiyuan was set up, its business scope was IT/electronic appliances.

2005 To start development of network computer terminal. 

2008 To form strategic alliances with SOC group of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

2008 SUNDE L-series were launched

2009 NetPoint 5.1 passed the examination of copyright.  

2010 SUNDE M-series were launched.

2011 SUNDE H4 Cloud Computing Client launched.

2012 SUNDE Diana VDI solution released.

Why SUNDE the right Choice for you?

Innovative Products, Passionate People, Great Value and ZERO Risk.

Money Back Guarantee

Try us out and if you decide to change within the first 30 days we'll refund you your money back. No risk for you. All the risk for us.

No Contracts. No Catch


We don't believe in contracts. You aren't locked in and due to the resilient, simplicity and robust products, once sold you will never come but ask for more. So we'll always be doing our best for you.

8 Years of Awesome Service

Tens of thousands of people just like you trust our friendly, competent team every day. We are available 24/7 to help you out with whatever you need! That's also why we won East Manchester EnterPrize 2010.

Get more than you bargained for

We're constantly striving to give more back to you. That's why we are the pioneer in zero client computing in the world and with a great price  that can suite everyone, organisation and institutions. Our slogan “ Green Computing for Everyone” .

“We’ve focused on virtual desktop solutions for 8 years …”

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