What is Cloud Computing with SUNDE?

Of all cloud computing types, desktops-as-a-service (DaaS) or hosted desktops, will be the biggest and most interesting opportunity for SMBs rethinking their desktop deployments. In this kind of model, cloud service providers and carriers do all the heavy lifting of installing the back-end infrastructure and customers access the virtual desktops as a subscription-based service.

DaaS partnered with SUNDE zero clients is to provide a simple way of desktop computing while cutting costs and ideal for those seeking a flexible, efficient and small computing solution allowing them to spend money and time on things more central to their business--not on buying and maintaining computers.

This solution is applicable to places such as small and medium office, coffee house, internet café, library, hotel and public automation system, etc.

Why use DaaS with SUNDE?

Cost Effective


Reduce time and money on technology infrastructure. Pay as you go (monthly, quarterly or yearly) based on demand.


No need for expensive IT consultants to setup and maintain your desktops.


Greatly reduce electricity costs in both the saving of PC power and the reduction of air cooling that typical PCs require.


 Avoid expensive software upgrade costs as software applications are regularly updated.


There is no need for replacing capital expenditures on a regular basis.


 SUNDE zero clients produce less heat, e-waste & no noise, providing a green and peaceful environment. A notebook size and the capability to mount at the back of monitors also free up your valuable desktop footprint.

Speed and Scales

You can start up or grow your business quickly. You can add, remove, or modify your virtual desktops at any time within minutes.


 You can handpick just those services and software that you think will best suit your particular business.

Centralized Management

Through the administrative interface, the business owner, or manager can monitor the entire work space of all virtual desktops as well as roll back or restore virtual desktops to a favorable state of an early date. Remote trouble-shooting and problem resolution eliminate in-person visits. Problems can be solved via the administrative interface, improving productivity and reducing service downtime.

How does DaaS with SUNDE work?

   Necessary components provided by the cloud service provider

   -- Customized virtual desktops

   -- SUNDE zero clients

   -- Software Integration that suits the customer’s business

   -- Efficient Network

   Other components provided by either the cloud service provider or the customer

   -- Monitors, keyboards, mice and optional audio devices & USB peripherals.

   -- A typical 10/100Mb/sec switched Ethernet LAN

 Requirements on back-end infrastructure to Integrate with SUNDE system

   -- Hosting server software: SUNDE vPointServer as connection broker and VirtualBox 4.0/4.2 for creating & hosting virtual desktops, both running in the Windows Server 2008 R2 system.

   -- Virtual desktop software: Microsoft Windows or Linux as OS and SUNDE vPointGuest installed for local audio and USB peripheral support.

   -- To determine configuration of the hosting server and virtual machines and network, refer to SUNDE VDI Server-based Infrastructure Sizing at the VDI download page.

Free Virtual Desktop Evaluation

Any customer having a SUNDE Diana zero client in place is given access to a hosted office-standard virtual desktop from any Internet connected place in the world!

Cloud Server IP:          

Virtual Desktop Account:       admin

Password:                             admin

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