SUNDE Changes the Face of VDI for Education

Is it feasible to provide computing labs and learning at lower costs? Will students be able to attain the utility of the latest technology within smaller budgets? These questions pave way for schools utilizing and implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides a virtual set up helping one to access the available physical resources across the entire infrastructure at full-scale. VDI brings reduced IT support due to the central management of the user profiles and resources. It renders increased data security and patch management as the data is stored centrally. Also VDI minimizes the total cost of ownership and provides better end-user experience and scalable access to the applications. VDI utilizes lower energy footprint and provides greener computing using stateless VDI devices. VDI setup has longer period than the traditional PCs, thus extending or delaying the refreshing cycle.

Blending VDI technology with education system is a desirable venture for every school and teaching institution at present. But it is not always viable.

Most notably, VDI is harder to install than a PC or terminal server setup, especially in large deployments. One might assume that a VDI deployment would be similar to a terminal server setup, but it usually is more complicated. For most deployments of VDI, customers must take on the integration of the endpoint device with management tools, connection brokers, and VDI protocols from multiple vendors, which can significantly raise the complexity and increase the risks and fragility of a VDI deployment. And high skill levels for IT staff are typically required for deployment and maintenance.

Cost is another factor that users should go in deep. In most cases users are being misled if they think that they are going to get a direct financial boost from implementing VDI. In general, some cost savings are possible with VDI if users consider deploying cheaper thin client or zero client devices on desktops as opposed to full-blown PCs on desks. However, back-end costs for VDI server infrastructure, management tools and other costs for getting the remote desktop protocol to perform essential VDI functions and rich multimedia display could outweigh these desktop device savings.

SUNDE introduces a simple, cost-saving and still high performance VDI solution which truly meets the challenges in settings ranging from K-12 to colleges, universities, and technical schools. SUNDE VDI simplifies the deployment, costs and management of VDI with Diana as endpoint and free vPointServer software installed on the server, reducing expensive and complex deployment of software and licenses. SUNDE VDI uses Diana zero client as endpoint device, which is small with no moving parts, CPU, storage, OS or software resulting in less energy consumption. It is tamper-resistant and do not store data locally preventing data loss. Significantly, it does not require endpoint management software, no patch management and no local OS licensing fees or updates, thus reducing virtual desktop deployment costs and improve on-going IT productivity. SUNDE’s innovative free SUNDE-VDI protocol provides the communication link between the vPointServer software and the Diana zero client devices, delivering a full PC experience including rich multimedia, full screen 1080P streaming video and Flash, and seamless responsiveness without requiring any complex or expensive protocol extensions or high end GPU configuration.

Key features of SUNDE solutions for education and academic organizations include:
-- Uses only 5 watts when active and 0.2 watts in sleep mode thus saving more than 97% of energy that takes for PCs.
-- Longer desktop refresh cycles from obsolescence-free SUNDE zero clients.
-- Produces less e-waste & noise and saves space in classrooms and labs.
-- Complete lack of hardware eliminates endpoint data loss and maintenance.
-- Centralized management reduces support overhead; desktop-related issues can be fixed in minutes from data center without going to the machines.
-- Rapid refresh of computer labs, allowing an entire lab to be reset to a standard configuration in just minutes.
-- Provides seamless high end performance including smooth multiple and simultaneous high quality video play.
-- Most cost-effective when compared to other vendors as purchase of SUNDE zero clients is cost-effective and software is provided free of cost.
-- Great simplicity, even an untrained person can setup and manage.

Education is being asked to do more with less — to increase access to the computing resources while lowering costs, reduce energy footprint, all within smaller budgets. With smaller budgets, hardware getting older, and IT administration reductions, make VDI the best move education organizations can make. But there are a lot of factors to consider when schools adopt the new technology. To select the right technologies and determine who is and is not a good candidate for VDI is decides whether the new venture is cost-effective or not.

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